Jewellery Care

Keep your jewellery looking great

Please follow these simple guidelines to keep your jewellery looking great.

  • When not being worn, we recommend storing your WONDERHAUS in the box it came in.
  • Avoid contact with body creams, perfume and sprays, all of these can tarnish or affect the surface of the jewellery.
  • Please avoid getting the pieces wet, this can tarnish the metal elements of the jewellery and affect the glued elements of the jewellery.
  • Although our pieces are designed to withstand a few knocks, please try to avoid dropping pieces on hard surfaces, the impact can break Perspex.

Repairs & Replacements

If you’ve lost or damaged your jewellery, please get in touch with us on

In most cases we can fix or replace pieces free of charge and will only charge you for return postage and packaging.