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Julia Roy-Williams is the designer & maker behind WONDERHAUS. She has been designing jewellery for over 10 years and her work is sold in galleries and boutiques worldwide.

WONDERHAUS was born in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. A seed of an idea that could grow into something as special as her surroundings. Fascinated by local women, amber polishing and the vivid, neon textiles of Chiapas, Julia was inspired to start working on her own craft.

After returning from living in Mexico, and returning to her city Manchester, she studied 3D design and specialised in Jewellery Design. After graduating, she set up home in Manchester Craft & Design Centre www.craftanddesign.com, where she has been a resident maker for the past 10 years. You can find a selection of her work in Studio 9.

WONDERHAUS was born out of a love of self expression, a way to decorate yourself. The designs are made to be worn boldly and courageously, as a statement of the wearer’s personality, independent, curious and adventurous.
Julia uses laser cutting, heat forming, etching and engraving alongside traditional jewellery techniques to create all of her jewellery pieces. Each item is designed and made to order.

Every piece is designed and made by hand from her workshop/studio in Islington Mill, Salford.

Julia also runs jewellery making workshops. Please check out the WORKSHOPS page for more details of events and workshops where you can find WONDERHAUS.

Alongside her maker practice, Julia is part of the collective Salford Makers.

Salford Makers are a collective of artists, educators and makers.

We work individually and collaboratively on a variety of commissions, design projects, product development and social enterprise. Guided by principles of collaboration, inclusivity and wellbeing.

Our workshop studio is based at Islington Mill in Salford. Through the development of this space along with our participatory programme, we hope to support our community and beyond to enhance a dynamic culture of creativity and making in Salford.

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You can visit my studio shop in person, located in Manchester’s Creative Northern Quarter.

Please follow WONDERHAUS on Instagram to keep updated on events, sample sales and other projects.

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