Welcome to the world of WONDERHAUS.


Hello! I’m Julia Roy-Williams.

I’m the hands that create all your wonderful jewellery pieces and boy, have these hands done some work! I’ve been making as WONDERHAUS since 2009, I design and construct each piece myself. I love creating loud and colourful accessories to decorate you all with.

WONDERHAUS is made to have fun in; I want the wearer to feel like life is for celebrating when they’re wearing my pieces. From festivals to dance floors, I think my designs will help you find joy in your day. It’s contagious, and I bet you’ll get asked where your amazing jewellery is from!

My studio practice is based at Islington Mill where I have a fully equipped jewellery workshop, 3D printers, plastic oven & heat press. I deliver a diverse public workshop programme, all of which are suitable for beginners. If you’d like to get involved, please have a look at my WORKSHOP section to see what’s happening!


I utilise materials that elevate and challenge the traditional value notion of precious jewellery. I’m passionate about plastic as a material, working with heat forming, laser etching & cutting to create wearable art pieces.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve reflected on how my work impacts the world environmentally and socially. This time has allowed me to develop my studio practice based on sustainable solutions to plastic waste.

Working with @offcutstudio I’ve learnt a circular design method to repurpose my offcut laser cutting waste. Using a modified vulcanising press, I can heat and squash my scraps, and create new sheet material which can be RE-laser cut again!

I will continue this optimistic and future-thinking approach to creative & innovative recycling solutions. Developing a zero-waste studio is my goal



And you may ask yourself, “Well… how did I get here?

It’s always hard to quantify what inspires me to create. I feel a constant pull between my love for the city and it’s hedonistic pleasures and the simple soothing refrains of being in nature…

I was born in Manchester and it’s shaped my creativity so deeply that it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else. It sometimes makes me feel lazy for not trying other places, but then I remember that I did, and I came back. Manchester is home; the nightlife shaped my teenage years and music was my world. Flyers and record sleeve art was a window into another world and I wanted in!

I lived in Mexico in my 20’s and the vivid folklore, food & culture gave me a love of neon and hyper saturated colour. I’m a big fan of pop art, 1960’s psychadelic culture and old Disney films. Peter Max is a favourite, The Yellow Submarine and Alice In Wonderland were huge visual inspirations when I was a child. It’s always been bright in this brain!

My heroes are more likely to be seventies pop stars than politicians. I admire the creativity of musicians like Brain Eno, David Bowie and Grace Jones, so much magic and presence.

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